Critter Control Bee Removal: Bees, Wasps, Hornets in Texas

Bees are a crucial part of the ecosystem, but they can still present risks and challenges for any property owner. There are over 20,000 species of bees in the world, and some can damage homes or pose risks to humans. Understand what a bee infestation or similar issue entails, and know what you can do to remedy the problem.Critter Control bee

Some bees will make their homes in exterior furniture, around fixtures such as lights and utility boxes, and under eaves. They can be extremely disruptive during outdoor gatherings, as sweet foods and drinks attract them. While it may seem simple to swat them away, agitating bees can be hazardous.

Not only can bees sting you, but they communicate danger to the other members of their colony through a complex signaling system. Bees are usually harmless, but a swarm of angry bees is incredibly dangerous. It’s important to identify such groups as soon as possible and be cautious not to disturb them. If bees perceive something as a threat to their colony, they’ll attack in force with painful stings and will doggedly pursue aggressors.

If you have a concern about bees near your home, give the professionals a call. Have the matter handled safely and thoroughly. Honey bee colonies are the most likely to become hostile towards a potential threat to their colony and queen bee, but they’re a vital part of the ecosystem. Critter Control® knows how to safely and humanely remove such an infestation.

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