Three mice

Oftentimes, mice aren’t noticed until multiple signs of infestation appear.

Early detection is imperative as they can cause excessive damage to homes, and pose serious heal risks for homeowners and their pets.

Critter Control® knows the potential for damage when mice enter a home and recommend that homeowners seek professional help to combat mice issues.

How Mice Enter Your Home

Mice are very intuitive pests. They are very conscious of their surrounding and seek safe areas in which to nest, and are often found living in close proximity to humans and depend on human habitat for their necessities.

As this is the case, their nesting sites are often found in attics, walls, or behind stoves and refrigerators.

Their unique body shape and size allows them to easily enter even the tiniest of spaces to get to these nesting sites.

Mice may enter homes through:

  • Roof vents and eaves
  • Sewer and other pipe lines
  • Improperly sealed door or window frames, and
  • Holes or openings in walls, floors, ceilings, or foundation

Potential Damage from Mouse Infestation

Mice have continuously growing incisor teeth that will impede their daily function if not worn down.

To wear down these impediments, mice often chew on structural material, electrical wires, or insulation. This creates unsafe structures or a fire hazard for homeowners.

Mice are also known to be carriers of potentially fatal diseases, and harmful parasites. They can transfer salmonella, tapeworms or diseases like Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM) to surrounding humans.

With the continuous increase in rodent-borne illnesses, homeowners should be vigilant about eliminating mice found in their homes.

Critter Control® can help homeowners rid themselves of any mouse infestation. With over 33 years of experience in the business, we employ extermination methods that are safe and noninvasive for homeowners.

An expert wildlife technician will tackle the infestation and secure all entry sites. They will also help clients implement a custom control plan to prevent future issues.

Get peace of mind and make your home safe again by calling the experts at Critter Control ® Critter Control today @ 888-617-5764.

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