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Are your trash cans turned over and emptied on the ground in your yard? Maybe you’ve heard something creeping through your garage and found damage to its contents. Chances are a raccoon or family of raccoons may be nesting in the garage or attic of your home.

Raccoons seem cute and cuddly, but they aren’t pets

Raccoons are well-known as troublemakers of the animal world. They’re notorious food thieves, and their trademark “bandit masks” have helped maintain their reputation as sneaky creatures that like to pillage populated areas for food. Critter Control® has extensive experience dealing with raccoon issues, and our expertly-trained technicians can safely and humanely trap and remove them before they become troublesome.

Raccoon Damage

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons were long considered solitary animals. They often search for food or engage in nocturnal mischief alone; otherwise, they have social habits that include common areas, and many have specific meeting grounds for feeding, breeding, or resting. Mother raccoons will typically remain isolated to protect themselves and their babies—known as kits—from predators and other raccoons.

They’re usually nocturnal creatures, but they may adopt daytime routines if their food sources require it. They’re omnivores and eat a range of goods, including plants, fruits, nuts, insects, fish, and occasionally birds or small mammals. Raccoons have a wide range of dietary habits and will eat just about whatever their environment allows.

They’re intelligent creatures—often compared to house cats in terms of intelligence. They’re nimble and are capable of amazing feats such opening doors, unlatching shed closures, unscrewing jars and containers, and will steal food from domesticated pet food dishes. Because they often become trusting and docile around humans in heavily-populated areas, some individuals may regularly feed wild raccoons or build enclosures for them as pets.

Although cute, intelligent, and generally docile, raccoons can wreak havoc in residential areas. They can be unpredictable and are capable of wounding humans in self-defense when they feel threatened.

Critter Control® has a highly-trained, professional staff that can address your raccoon concerns thoroughly and humanely. It’s almost always possible to humanely trap and relocate a mischievous raccoon.

So if you’re encountering any raccoon-related problems, Contact Us or give us a call @ 888-617-5764 and let us resolve them.