Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are very clever, yet destructive creatures who quickly become unwanted house guests. They eat almost anything and pose serious health risks as they are carriers of rabies.

Critter Control ® of Critter Control strongly urges homeowners in Critter Control and its surrounding suburbs to seek professional help if they notice any raccoons, or suspect raccoon damage to their home. Though cute, these critters are very aggressive and will attack when they feel threatened.

Signs of Raccoon Damageraccoons

Homeowners that suspect raccoon damage can verify their suspicion by looking for these clues:

  • Holes in exterior walls
  • Torn roofing shingles or soffits
  • Raccoon droppings
  • Chewed insulation, air ducts, or electrical wires in attics

Homeowners should also be cognizant of clues that suggest a potential raccoon infestation. Overturned and rummaged trash cans and missing pet food may indicate that raccoons are near and can make their way into your home if they haven’t already done so.

How Critter Control® Professionals Can Help

Our professional team at Critter Control® has the expertise and experience needed to successfully trap and relocate raccoons while keeping homeowners safe. A licensed staff member will perform a free inspection and consultation to create a custom plan for each client’s need. The plan will include raccoon removal, damage Repair, and sanitation of affected areas.

Ensure the safety of everyone in your home and eliminate excessive structural damages by calling the experts at Critter Control® at 888-617-5764 today.