Rats In Your Attic

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Rats are the most common pests found in attics across the United States. Attics provide the ideal environment for rats as they are warm and filled with items that rats like to gnaw.

Rats have incisor teeth that are continuously growing and they are always seeking ways to wear them down. The insulation, woodwork, and wiring found in attics make attics even more enticing.

Critter Control® knows that once in your attic, rats can cause significant damage. It is strongly recommended that if you suspect a rat infestation in your home that you seek professional help immediately.

Signs of Rats in Your Attic

The most common signs of rats in your attic are:

  • Gnawed electrical wires
  • Scratching sounds in the attic or in the walls
  • Light scurrying heard across the attic floor at night
  • Rat droppings found in the attic and throughout the home

Another hint that rats may be in your home are rub marks against your baseboards. Rats have very poor eyesight, and their bodies are often covered in dirt and grease. To get to their various destinations, they create routes along the baseboards and their filthy bodies leave rub marks while they are in transition.

Importance of Early Infestation Detection

Rats cause excessive damage to your attic as they chew on anything they find. For example, they create fire hazards when they chew on electric wires and insulation. Also of concern are the potential diseases they can pass to humans directly or indirectly. Because these health and structural concerns can be costly, it is important that clients are vigilant about removing these critters.

The key is to quickly control the extent of the infestation and subsequently reduce the possible associated health risks. Early detection of these signs can save clients a lot of time, money, and stress.

Critter Control® understands the importance of early detection, and we also understand that every home is different.

We offer a free, custom home inspection that tailors the solution to each individual’s needs. Call us at 888-617-5764 to book your appointment and get rid of those rats in your attic today.

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