Rat Control

Critter Control home and business owners are no strangers to rats. With many species in the Critter Control metro and surrounding areas, identification by color or feature of these small pests may be difficult. Rat-proofing your home or business is the best way to prevent rats from entering. However home and business owners should be cognizant of the following signs of rat infestation:

  • Scratching sounds in walls or ceiling
  • Rat droppings in and around food, cabinets, or under the sink
  • Nibble marks on walls, clothing, furniture, and food boxes
  • Unusual Musky odors in hidden spaces
  • Signs of nesting: shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter

Rat control includes a combination of preventative measures to minimize infestation. To reduce the possibility of rats entering any structure, ensure that all holes are sealed with a material that rats cannot chew. Rats have incisor teeth in their top and bottom jaws that are constantly growing, so they are always looking for ways to wear down those teeth. It is also important to reduce their food source.  Rats are fans of crumbs, open food containers and open boxes. Ensuring that all containers in the pantry are sealed and that pet feeders are secured is a great start. It is also imperative that all counters and floors are regularly cleaned and all trash cans regularly sealed and emptied.

Rats breed year round and Critter Control’s warm climate makes this city favorable. They can produce up to five litters per year and in some places, outnumber humans. Professional help is sometimes needed to quickly eliminate the threat of damage and disease. Critter Control®, will provide a free consultation to create the custom preventative method that right for you.

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