Rat Removal

Rat Removal

Rats are one of a variety of household pests found in American homes. Norway rats and Roof rats are the ones most commonly found in Critter Control, but other species may be present as well. Because homeowners many never see these culprits, they should seek professional help when trying to determine whether or not they have a rat infestation.

With over 18 years of experience in Critter Control and its surrounding suburbs, Critter Control® is the premier rat removal company in the area. Their expert rat removal techniques provide the tools needed to identify and remove these household critters.

Rats can cause infectious diseases in homeowners and unwanted damage in homes; making rat removal a necessity. Critter Control® knows that every home is unique. Our trained specialists provide free consultations with homeowners to determine how best to resolve their infestation issues.

We take pride in our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and will continue setting industry standards to retain this recognition.

Let the professionals at Critter Control® resolve your rat removal issues. Removal, remediation, and damage repair are our specialties. Our experts are standing by.

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