Rat Trapping

Rat Trapping Critter Control

Because of how intelligent, cautious, and aware they are, rats are some of the hardest critters to trap. house-ratsHowever, if you are able to trap a rat, you’ll notice just how aggressive and violent they can become. If they thrash out at you, they can put you and your family at risk for many diseases. If you have rats in your home, it’s best to hire professionals like the ones at Critter Control® Critter Control to trap and remove your rats.

Why DIY Trapping Doesn’t Work

As soon as you see a rat in your home, the obvious instinct is to try and get it out immediately. But attempting to catch a rat on your own can not only be difficult, but dangerous. Here’s why:

  • Traps need to be set in high-traffic areas which are normally within your walls or ceiling
  • Touching a rat, its home, or its waste can spread disease
  • Because they are so intelligent, rats sense when their surroundings change and therefore easily avoid traps
  • When rats are caught they become extremely aggressive

Call the Experts

Here at Critter Control® Critter Control, setting traps is our expertise. We know just where to put them and just how to handle rats once they have been captured. You and your family stay safe, and you don’t have to worry about the damages left by the rats. After catching them, we’ll come through and clear out all the messes they may have left behind. Don’t wait another day living with these rats, call us today at 888-617-5764.