Rodent Control

Is something nibbling on your food boxes? Do you notice the smell of urine? Are you hearing squeaks, rustling, or scampering sounds in your walls or attic? If so, then you may have a rodent infestation and need to act immediately. The best way to rid yourself of rodents is to implement environment control methods that make them feel unwelcome.The name rodent is commonly associated with rats and mice, however, squirrels are also a part of thmiceis potentially pesky family. They are very common in Critter Control households and commercial properties and have adapted to lifestyles.

Over the last 18 years, Critter Control® has been adapting and perfecting the company’s innovative ways of rat removal, rat control, squirrel control, and other rodent control techniques. This wide array of animal removal and control techniques prevent excessive infestation and subsequent damage to homes.

Traditionally, homeowners have been successful with various store-brought mouse traps. Traps address the problem of the pest, but not the urine trails and droppings that can indicate to other rodents that your home is a safe place to inhabit. Likewise, there are traps available for squirrel control, however if their food source and other attractors aren’t removed, it will be an invitation to all of the squirrels surrounding your home.

Rodents may transfer infectious diseases to homeowners via their droppings and their urine. They are also known to chew material, wood, food boxes, electrical wires, etc. with their razor sharp teeth. To avoid household fires from exposed wires, damaged household goods, or transmittal of infectious diseases, Critter Control® will take care of all your rodent control needs.

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