Squirrel Control

Though squirrels are “cute” and can be beneficial for soil health and plant survival, they can also cause many problems for home and business owners. Once squirrels have entered a building they can be found in hidden spaces like attics and chimneys. Like other rodents, they will chew on woodwork, wires, ducts, pipes, etc.; steal your pet’s food, and or leave a trail of destruction inside of your property.

Critter Control® has been helping homeowners with squirrel control for many years now and knows what it takes to rid home and business owners of this problem.

Squirrel Control Basics

Several species of squirrels make Critter Control their home. With a lifespan of up to 10 years and the ability to produce 2 litters yearly, making susceptible structures less inviting to squirrels is the best method of control. Home and business owners often turn to the often recommended method of trapping squirrels.

Critter Control® knows that this isn’t the best method of squirrel control as it puts humans as risk of bites and subsequently, infectious diseases.

Critter Control® recommends the following:

  • Repair broken windows, torn screens, and any other openings in the building structure
  • Trim trees so branches aren’t hanging over the roof
  • Reduce food sources by removing accessible pet food
  • Remove any unnecessary wood piles or structures from around the home
  • Avoid using squirrel repellents

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