Squirrel Removal Houston

squirrel removal

Critter Control® has extensive experience with squirrel-related issues, and we believe in finding humane solutions for squirrel removal. Squirrels can be some of the most troublesome home invaders, and it’s important to adequately assess the damage they’ve done, what parts of the home have been affected, and how to resolve the issue.

Squirrels build nests, and when they enter a house or building, that’s usually their primary intention. Squirrels will destroy insulation, wiring, and walls in their efforts to create their homes, and once they reproduce, a family of squirrels can wreak havoc in a home. If you hear noises in the walls or from your attic during the daytime, you probably have a squirrel issue; they’re most active during daylight hours.

It’s usually easy to spot the main entrance the squirrel or squirrels will use to gain entry to a building.

Critter Control® Professionals will:

  • Survey the property
  • Determine the areas of ingress
  • Determine the extent of the infestation and damage
  • Discuss the options and guarantees with the customer
  • Provide the customer with a written estimate for all of the work necessary (Removal, Remediation, Repair)
  • Perform all work as discussed

Critter Control® will resolve your squirrel issues GUARANTEED!

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