Protecting Bats in Houston

Why We Need to Protect our Bats

It’s a natural reaction for many people to be startled or even scared by seeing bats on their property or in their attics, but hitting them or spraying them with pesticides is not the answer. Bats play a key role in the environment here in Critter Control, and they should be preserved and treated humanely. Here are just a few of the reasons why our bats need to be handled with care.

Natural Insect Control

Many people don’t realize that bats are one of the most effective means of shutterstock_184222880insect control in the world. A single bat can consume thousands of insects in just one night. They help us continue to be able to enjoy those warm summer nights without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. In addition to keeping the mosquitoes away from us, they also keep insects away from commercial food crops, helping to keep prices down.

Bats Are Protected

In Texas, all bats – regardless of species – are protected by law. This law protects against the use of pesticides or insecticides against bats, and prevents anybody except a licensed removal company from removing or relocating them. For this reason, if you find yourself with bats trapped in your attic or on your property, calling Critter Control® is always the smartest route. Our bat exclusion techniques preserve the shrinking number of bats in the Critter Control area, while preventing them from being a nuisance to you and your family.

What Exactly is Bat Exclusion?

As opposed to trapping or using traditional animal removal methods, exclusion is the preferred method for solving bat infestation issues. We attach one-way doors to exit points in your attic, and when the bats leave at night to go hunting for food, they are unable to get back inside. This method is not only very effective, but keeps you and the animal away from harm.

Of course, we only utilize exclusion methods during parts of the year when there are no flightless baby bats present, as that would cause the parent to leave and be unable to return to their baby.

If you find yourself faced with a bat infestation in your attic or on your property, remember that they are very important to our ecosystem, and should be treated humanely. Give the bat removal experts at Critter Control® a call today at 888-617-5764 for more information.