Animal Control

Many animals carry diseases, including E. coli and rabies, and some creatures can threaten your
property’s value. Others, however, pose a more immediate physical danger to your family or customers. If a bobcat, porcupine, or badger has gotten a little too close for comfort, you need animal control. We have a solution that will resolve the issue as permanently as possible.Home Advisor badge

The residents of more rural areas outside Critter Control may run into an occasional fox or skunk, but armadillos, rats, and bats have been known to make their way freely throughout the metroplex and wander onto private property. Wild hogs, for example, have contributed more than $1.5 billion in annual property damage. Before you fall prey to statistics like this, reach out to Critter Control®.

A Prompt Response to Pressing Problems

You want visitors like these out of your home or business as soon as possible, and we doubt you’ll want them back. You can count on us to identify, trap, and remove an animal – backed by our exclusion guarantee – but you won’t have to go to anyone else to ensure it never happens again. Let us know about your pest problems, and we’ll develop a solution that addresses the immediate issue and prevents these unwelcome guests from ever returning.

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